Ortho-Med are pleased to announce the launch of Xurea® Foot balm Plus in the UK; a unique formulation containing fourteen active ingredients for use in individuals with rough, dry feet and cracked heels.

Xurea® Foot balm Plus has been developed using a scientifically researched German formula combining an ideal combination of humectants, occlusives, emollients and protectants.

Manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice standards, the formulation avoids common problem ingredients found in other foot creams such as lanolin, fragrances and preservatives.

The presence of high purity micro-silver in the formulation means that it is particularly suited for use by Diabetics as the micro-silver remains on the surface of the skin providing a conditioning effect. The formulation therefore may reduce the risk of microbial growth by creating a hostile environment for harmful bacteria; important in the management of the Diabetic foot whilst also supporting a more healthy and better protected skin barrier.

The ingredients in Xurea® Foot balm Plus are of a non-animal origin and it has also been dermatologically tested.

Xurea® Foot balm Plus is available exclusively to buy online from www.XUREA.co.uk and also from podiatrists and foot health practitioners.

Xurea® Foot balm Plus is provided as a handy 75ml tube and an economical 500ml pump dispenser.

July 2019

About Ortho-Med Ortho-Med (Supplies) was established in the UK in 1992 as an insole company. The patented insoles were designed by experts in the orthotic field experienced in developing shoes for plantar fasciitis and insoles for foot pain relief. For over twenty-five years OrthoMed have continued to supply to many NHS Hospitals insoles for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. In 2017, the business was acquired with a mission to bring the same high-quality products used by the NHS to UK consumers at an affordable price. In 2019, Ortho-Med extended the product range into general footcare launching ReSKIN PROTECT, a medical grade silicone heel blister patch and Xurea® Foot balm Plus.

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